Fairfield Food Pantry
Reducing Hunger while Serving Our Community


Fairfield Food Pantry

Our Mission:

Provide a Balanced and Nutritious Emergency Food Supply to Those with Special Needs in a Loving, Caring, and Supportive Manner.


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78 Donald Drive
Fairfield, Ohio 45014
Mon, Tue, & Thur - 12pm - 3pm


(513) 829-9047

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Get Involved - Give Help!

There are a number of ways that you can help your neighbors through the Fairfield Food Pantry. Whether it’s donating your time, coordinating a food drive, or simply providing a financial donation - click through to find out how you can help, today!

Receiving Help

Are you in a position that you feel you may need some help getting by? The Fairfield Food Pantry can help in many ways - but, most importantly, we can provide an emergency Pantry Kit. Click below to learn the requirements and get started.


There are a number of local events that benefit the Fairfield Food Pantry. Click below to learn more about each of those events and get involved!

No one can help Everyone
But everyone can help Someone
— Former President, Ronald Reagan