Fairfield Food Pantry
Reducing Hunger while Serving Our Community


Passion. Experience. Diligence.


The Fairfield Food Pantry started as a result of the Fairfield Community Connection Group’s (CCG) community survey in 1996 revealing a need for a food pantry in Fairfield.  CCG’s founder, Howard Dirksen, formed an independent board, solicited start up donations and located the pantry at an available commercial space on Magie Avenue in Fairfield. It has been a growing and successful operation since and has expanded its services as needs arise and change.

Members of the initial board used their expertise in law, business, finance, and volunteerism to incorporate as a  501(c)3 nonprofit, set guidelines and began operation as a nonprofit business.   Today’s board of 13 caring community leaders meet monthly to make decisions on the pantry needs and operation. The pantry is currently blessed with two part time employees who conduct operations three days a week and volunteers who assist as needed.

The Fairfield Food Pantry is thankful to celebrate 20 years of serving our community. We appreciate the tremendous support that we have received from the community and our volunteers and look forward to continuing to serve as long as there is a need. 

Source of Food and Supplies

We rely upon food donated by individuals, churches, schools, community organizations, scout, youth and community institutions. In addition we buy food from Shared Harvest Food Bank, Kroger, Sam’s, Walmart and other local vendors depending upon the best price. It has been a standard in our operation to supply food along with personal care products and household supplies as we feel home and human cleanliness, like food, is important in keeping a family healthy and happy. Civic groups, like Fairfield Women, collect monthly donations of food and also personal care products.


Mission Statement

It is the Mission of the Fairfield Food Pantry to Provide a Balanced and Nutritious Emergency Food Supply to Those with Special Needs in a Loving, Caring, and Supportive Manner.


Board of Trustees for 2018


Larry Abbott, President
Jan Creed, Vice President
Art Tucker, Treasurer
Daniel P. Grabowski, Secretary
Joan Hume-Cohen, IT/Web Administrator
Gerry Betsch, Trustee
Dean Bruewer, Trustee
Becca Desai, Trustee
Howard Dirksen, Trustee
Judith Dirksen, Trustee
Wayne Krieghoff, Trustee
Frank Margello, Trustee
Bill Woetse, Trustee