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An Amazing Addition to the Pantry!

This was a great day at the Pantry. After months of working to get the best freezer at the best price, the new walk-in freezer was installed. Now the Fairfield Food Pantry can take advantage of good prices on meat and other frozen foods at great prices to better serve our community. Thanks to all who made this happen.

Food Pantry - On The Move!

Following an accident that severely damaged the home of the Fairfield Food Pantry, we are excited to announce that we have found a new home. This new facility, located at 78 Donald Drive, is less than 1/2 mile from the Magie Avenue facility, provides enough space to triple the amount of supplies we can maintain on-site, provides better parking for its’ clients, and provides room for future expansion. This is definitely a win-win for all involved! We are grateful the driver of the Toyota Camry did not have any serious injuries.


Our New Home!